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Product Line:

Keratometer face-plate insert

Scleral Accusert a.k.a. Rigid Scleral Lens Stand

Yellow #12-50mm. diameter plastic lens filter

Red #25-50mm. diameter plastic lens filter

Dr. Hirsch's Magnifying Spectacles a.k.a. Marlin Magnifying Spectacles

Pantographed cellulose acetate butyrate half-eyes 39/21/140 eyesize

5 inch plastic tweezer  (insert capability) with either Safety Silicone Tips or Cone-Shaped Silicone Tips

Bulk packed Safety Silicone Tips and/or Bulk packed Cone-Shaped Tips

Plastic Handler (insert capability) with thermoplastic elastomeric tip

Rigid Contact Lens Spinner

Battery Powered Contact Lens Spinner

17 & 20 diopter 1 inch Acrylic Penlight Magnifiers

Acrylic Penlight Magnifier with silicone spacer for Transiluminator attachment

Reusable LED White and LED Blue Light Penlights to attach Marlin Penlight Magnifier